Salinia "Sauvignon Blanc (MAGNUMS)
Salinia "25 Reasons" Sparkling Sonoma County
Salinia "White Blend"
Salinia "In the Box" Chardonnay Sonoma County
Salinia "Saint Marigold" Chardonnay Sonoma County
Salinia "PG" Pinot Gris Chalk Hill Sonoma County
Salinia "Sun Hawk Farms" Red Field Blend Mendocino County
Salinia Chardonnay Heintz Vineyard Sonoma County
Salinia Pinot Noir W.E. Bottoms Vineyard Sonoma County
Salinia Syrah Heintz Vineyard Sonoma County
Louisa Smith Love and Collar Bones, Sparkling Rose"
October 4, 2012
Introducing Salinia Wine Company

January 3, 2013
Twenty Five Reasons

January 21, 2013
Picasso Black and White & The Noble Chardonnay

March 8, 2013
A Biodynamic Red Field Blend from Salinia "Sun Hawk Farms"

March 13, 2013
Kevin Kelley of Salinia & The NPA Project, Part I

March 14, 2013
Kevin Kelley of Salinia & The NPA, Part II

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