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About Anthony Thevenet

Anthony Thévenet's journey in winemaking is a testament to his dedication to natural and traditional practices. Apprenticing for 7 years with Georges Descombes and 5 years with Jean Foillard, Thévenet honed his skills in observing nature, a fundamental aspect of natural winemaking. In 2013, he took the reins of his family's vineyard, producing his first vintage that same year. Embracing a back-to-basics lifestyle on his farm, Thévenet prioritizes terroir in winemaking, aiming for wines that reflect the land's essence rather than high yields.

His vineyard practices are meticulous, eschewing chemicals for natural treatments like copper and sulfur. Thévenet's wines undergo fermentation in old wood and concrete tanks, with a focus on minimal intervention and bottling without fining or filtration. His goal is to create light, fruit-driven wines that capture the essence of the terroir and offer pure enjoyment to those who savor them.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Anthony Thévenet
  • Varietals: Gamay
  • Organic Practice Certificates: practicing organic - no pesticides or herbicides
  • Image
  • Country: France
  • Region: Burgundy
  • Sub Region: Beaujolais

Organic Practices