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About Elena Fucci

One vineyard, one grape variety. Elena Fucci’s wines are the definition of specialization. On her family’s property at the foot of the extinct volcano, Mount Vulture, she grows only Aglianico, seeking to draw out the most defining facets of the variety and microclimate. The Fucci family’s house sits in the middle of their vineyards, so Elena grew up literally surrounded by them.

Purchased by her grandfather in the 1960s, these six hectares contain the oldest vines on Mount Vulture—some more than 70 years-old—seated at the highest part of the vineyard in Contrada Solagna del Titolo. The majestic volcano rises just a few hundred meters away, and ancient lava flows paint the vineyards with dark, mineral-rich soils. Shortly before she was supposed to leave for university, Elena’s family resigned to sell the property. But as potential buyers visited, she had a sudden change of heart, one that inspired her to pursue a degree in enology, so she could keep the vineyards in the family.

With support from her parents, the winery came to life in 2000, focused on producing a single label, made solely from the estate’s Aglianico: TITOLO. Elena defines her winemaking style as “modern but not modernist,” as in: she understands the fermentation and aging techniques that Aglianico needs, but stays true to the variety’s full-bodied, aromatically intense character.

Her ultimate goal is a wine that stands out for its pure translation of the Aglianico grape and Mount Vulture’s terroir. That requires thoughtful and sustainable farming. The team fertilizes the vineyards with beans planted on the farm and compost made from grape marc and vegetable waste. They also practice rainwater recovery, conserve energy with bio-architecture and a photovoltaic system, and use weather stations for precision interventions that minimize the need for human impact in the vineyard. Elena’s grandfather still tends the vines every day, and her husband works full-time alongside her—along with three other employees—continuing the vineyard’s long history as a family-run endeavor.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci
  • Varietals: Aglianico
  • Labor Practices: Elena Fucci wines is a family affair, with Elena’s husband working full-time in the winery along with three additional full-time employees, several of whom have been at the estate for over a decade. Elena’s father, though officially retired, also works across the estate.
  • Organic Practice Certificates: Sidel Certified
  • Sustainable Practices: Fertilization in the vineyard with field beans planted on the farm, compost made on the farm with marc and vegetable waste. Rainwater recovery, bio-architecture cellar, energy saving and company photovoltaic system. Weather stations for precision interventions and minimizing the agronomic impact in the vineyard.
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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Basilicata
  • Sub Region: Vulture

Organic Practices

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