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Fall into some new favorites!

Embrace the essence of exquisite taste with T. Edward's October Features & New Arrivals. Explore the adventurous world of Vichingo, a wine born from friendship and a journey across the globe, offering unique and delectable blends from Tuscany’s Maremma to California’s Redwood Valley. Traverse the rich legacy of Domaine Bellegard, a testament to a family’s enduring passion for exceptional wine-making, reflecting the finesse and nobility of Jurançon wines.

Venture into the realm of spirits with the innovative Philbert Brothers, who redefine cognac production with their harmonious approach to nature and raw materials. Experience the longstanding tradition of excellence with GELSTON’S Irish whiskeys, representing a rich history and a spectrum of innovative cask finishes. Relish the sustainable and local essence captured in every bottle of Isolation Proof gin, crafted in the heart of New York’s Western Catskills.

Lastly, immerse yourself in the world of Churchill's, a family-operated port and Douro wine producer upholding a commitment to independence, sustainability, and unpretentious, approachable wines. This October, let T. Edward's new arrivals and featured producers guide you on a voyage of unparalleled taste and discovery, celebrating the diverse world of wines and spirits.