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About Firelit

In 2009, Jeff Kessinger, Marcus Urani, and Tyler Warrender, all high school classmates of Jeff's, together with the support of James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee Co., created the first commercially available cold brew coffee liqueur, which they called Firelit Coffee Liqueur. Prior to opening his own coffee liqueur brewery in Napa, California, Kessinger outsourced manufacturing to a number of other distilleries for the first five years. After being roasted, the coffee is allowed to steep in cold water for 18 hours before being combined with a brandy and coffee infusion. After aging for a full month in stainless steel containers, the mix is ready to be enjoyed. The fresh coffee is prepared in a cold brew batch for proofing before bottling. Despite its intended use as a plain beverage, Firelit is a fantastic complement to savory and sweet cocktails alike thanks to its low sugar and strong caffeine level.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Firelit
  • Varietals: Liqueur
  • Ingredients: Fair trade coffee beans, high proof sugar cane spirit, organic raw sugar cane juice
  • Image
  • Country: United States
  • Region: California
  • Sub Region: Napa Valley - California