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About Pisco Logia

Meg MacFarland, the founder of Pisco LOGIA, developed her passion for this beverage during her travels in Peru in 2003. She honed her skills at a government co-op distillery in Ica for three years to gain industry experience. By 2011, Meg had partnered with Nati Gordillo, an experienced distiller with a pot still and vineyards in the Azpitia region. Pisco LOGIA is dedicated to crafting its products in a manner that honors and celebrates their traditional roots.

The estate-grown grapes undergo foot crushing followed by gentle mechanical extraction before being utilized in brandy production. Fermentation occurs naturally with wild yeasts at ambient temperatures.

Traditional Pisco-making methods in Peru involve using approved grape varieties, distilling in a 300-liter copper pot still (as utilized by Pisco LOGIA), distilling to proof, refraining from adding water or other additives, avoiding oak barrel aging, and allowing the final product to rest for a minimum of three months before being sold. Pisco LOGIA's extended aging period of three months enhances the brandies' flavors by allowing them to harmonize and mature.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Pisco Logia
  • Varietals: Pisco
  • Ingredients: A blend of Quebranta and Italia grapes and 100% Quebranta.
  • Country: Peru
  • Region: Lima
  • Sub Region: Azpitia, Mala Valley