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About Raicilla Bonete

Bonete Raicilla is an extraordinary, traditional Mexican spirit that pays homage to ancient distillation techniques and preserves the rich cultural heritage of Jalisco. At the heart of the Bonete Raicilla production process lies a rare and exotic element - the Bonete tree trunk (Jacaratia Mexicana), which can only be found along the Pacific coast of Mexico. Master distiller Joaquin Solis crafts two distinct expressions of Bonete Raicilla, each showcasing the unique flavors imparted by the Bonete tree trunk during distillation:

Bonete Raicilla Costa:
•    Made with 60% maguey Chico Aguillar (agave Angustifolia Haw) and 40% maguey Amarillo (agave Rhodacantha)
•    Agave is cooked in an underground conical oven, lending an earthy richness
•    Fermentation takes place in open-air tubs using wild yeasts
•    Double distillation on wooden stills carved from the sacred Oyamel tree
•    The Bonete tree trunk is used during distillation, imparting a unique flavor profile

Bonete Raicilla Sierra:
•    Made with agave Maximiliana
•    Agave is cooked above ground in an adobe oven with black oak firewood
•    Single distillation in a stainless steel alambic still
•    Despite the low yield and short lifespan of the Bonete tree, producers in Jalisco are incredibly proud to continue this ancient practice, viewing it as essential to preserving their cultural legacy. Bonete Raicilla is an exclusive spirit available only in the United States, representing an authentic slice of Mexico's vibrant cultural heritage and offering a unique taste of tradition in every sip.

Additional Details:

  • Ingredients: agave Angustifolia Haw, agave Rhodacantha, agave Maximiliana
  • Country: Mexico
  • Region: Mezcal