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"Dietro" Inzolia Menfi - 2022
"Dietro" Inzolia Menfi - 2022

"Dietro" Inzolia Menfi - 2022

The Inzolia grape variety presents unique challenges for winemakers due to its low acidity and relatively low sugar content. To capture the grape's full potential, skilled winemakers must carefully time the harvest, as Inzolia reaches its optimal phenolic ripeness late in the season when the grapes' natural acidity has decreased to an acceptable level.

The hills are the ideal terroir for Inzolia, as the grape thrives in these elevated locations and achieves its full phenolic maturity, typically towards the end of the harvest period.

In contrast, Inzolia grown at lower elevations and closer to the sea can benefit from the briny influence, which helps to compensate for the grape's inherent lack of acidity. This results in wines with a savory character and a fresh, saline finish, complemented by a bouquet of broom, chamomile, thyme, and sage.

Dietro le Case is an excellent aperitif wine that pairs exceptionally well with a variety of seafood dishes. The wine's balanced acidity and saline notes make it a particularly good match for more delicate seafood flavors, such as those found in shellfish and crustaceans, which can be overpowered by highly acidic wines.

Some of the best pairings for Dietro le Case include prawns, langostines, grilled scallops, and mussels. The wine's ability to age for a few years also allows it to develop complex aromas of peanuts, toasted almonds, and subtle smoky notes on the finish. To fully appreciate these nuances, Dietro le Case is best served chilled, around 50°F, which enhances its iodized and saline characteristics and amplifies its overall pleasant expression.
  • Brand: Cantine Barbera
  • Region:Sicily
  • Sub-Region:Menfi
  • Varietal:Inzolia
  • Color:White
  • Alcohol:12.5%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:Italy