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Northern California, Copenhagen, United States & Denmark


In 2017, the dynamic duo of Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen breathed life into Empirical, driven by an unyielding childlike curiosity about the world. Merging this perspective with their innate love for experimentation, the duo championed the ethos of ceaseless improvement. This chemistry between curiosity and improvement has become the backbone of Empirical, propelling the brand's relentless pursuit of groundbreaking flavor innovations.

At the heart of Empirical lies an undying fascination with the magic of flavors — their power to evoke deep-seated memories and transport souls to uncharted territories. As advocates for culinary exploration, many members of the Empirical family have honed their crafts in premier restaurants globally. Yet, Empirical stands apart, serving as a unique confluence of our collective histories and experiences, crafting creations that resonate with all, thanks to the collaborative spirit of flavor development.

Beyond Conventional Tasting
The world often probes, "How does one truly taste Empirical?" While we staunchly believe in personal exploration, we're always eager to share a sprinkle of guidance, intertwined with our love for scientific insights.

Embarking on the Flavor Odyssey
The realm of spirits boasts numerous guides — from visual pointers to structured methods and flavor wheels, each catering to traditional spirit categories. But at Empirical, we tread our own path.

Driven by the profound influence of flavor in crafting and conveying experiences, we wholeheartedly embrace a flavor-centric ethos, sidelining conventional categories. Our mission is simple: to unearth exceptional ingredients and metamorphose them into sensory experiences that awaken treasured memories.

At Empirical, we challenge the norm, believing that the predefined rules are mere guidelines waiting to be rewritten. This rebellious spirit extends to tasting our offerings.

Our emphasis on vessels that amplify flavor narratives invites all senses to partake in a holistic tasting experience. The dance of colors and shapes plays a pivotal role in the flavor perception. For instance, the hues of yellow and green signal acidity, while shades of pink and red suggest sweetness, and the depths of brown and black hint at bitterness.

In the world of Empirical, flavor isn’t just a sensation; it's an immersive story waiting to be experienced.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Empirical
  • Vendor: Empirical
  • Varietals: Packaged Cocktail
  • Country: United States & Denmark
  • Region: Northern California, Copenhagen

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