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White Wine
 2022 Bottle Front
White Wine
 2022 Bottle Front

White Wine - 2023

Light and citrusy white finished bone-dry. Good minerality and fresh tones of crisp apples and lemon. This wine made of the indigenous white-berried grape called Verdejo, and while common and popular in Spain is still underrepresented in American markets. It is known for making thirst-quenching dry whites.

  • Brand: Gulp/Hablo
  • Region:Castile-La Mancha
  • Commune/Village:Las Mesas
  • Varietal:Verdejo
  • Color:White
  • Alcohol:12.3%
  • Size:1L

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  • Country:Spain
  • How much so2 added:103ppm
  • Climate:Long and cold winter, followed by a dry spring and a warm summer. The ripening has taken a long time, more than usual, then we got less production but a better quality due to grape concentrate
  • Harvest Technique:Mechanically harvested
  • Soil:loam soils
  • Vineyard Size:15 ha
  • Vine Age (year planted):1990s / 2000s
  • Fermentation:100% de-stemmed. Fermentation between 13,5-15ºC in stainless steel tanks
  • Winemaker Name:Pablo Parra/Juan Antonio Ponce
  • Producer Website:
  • Sustainable Practice:No