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Vinho Verde Rose - 2022
Vinho Verde Rose - 2022

Vinho Verde Rose - 2022

Brisa Suave is a wine created to bring a new option to the rapidly-growing category in the States: the Liter bottle. The Vinho Verde Appelation is long-known worldwide for it's affordability, but usually lacks in quality and has never been introduced to the market as a "fun" option. For such a drinkable style of wine, all the options out there have been offered on a 750ml size with very old-school vibes. Combining a casual vibe, a great value, with a high-quality wine is what embraced the creation of this project. Tasting notes: crisp, fruity, slightly effervescent, strawberries, pink grapefruit, raspberry coulis.

  • Brand: Brisa Suave
  • Region:Minho
  • Varietal:50% Espadeiro, 50% Touriga Nacional
  • Color:Rose
  • Alcohol:11.5%
  • Size:1L

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  • Country:Portugal
  • How much so2 added:free SO2: 29mg/dm3
  • Climate:Topographically, the region is "a vast amphitheater which, starting at the coast, gradually climbs in elevation towards the interior" (Amorim Girão, Portuguese geographer), exposing the entire area to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, a phenomenon reinforced by the orientation of the valleys of the main rivers, which run east to west and facilitate penetration of the sea winds. This Atlantic influence, mostly granitic soils, mild climate and high rainfall, are reflected in the freshness, lightness and elegance of the wines of this region.
  • Harvest Technique:Hand and mechanically harvested
  • Soil:granitic soils
  • Fermentation:Grapes harvested and vinifi­ed quickly without oxidation.. Grapes de-stemmed to obtain the most expressive varietal aromas and less astringent wines. Grapes in contact with the skins for hours in order to obtain a delicate level of pigmentation. 100% Stainless steel
  • Elevage:none
  • Winemaker Name:Fernando Machado and Henrique Lopes
  • Filtration:Yes
  • Fining:No
  • Producer Website:
  • Total Production:18,000 bottles
  • Sustainable Certificates:Integrated Prodction
  • Sustainable Practice:Yes