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Gewurztraminer Grappa NV
Gewurztraminer Grappa NV

Gewurztraminer Grappa NV

The Gerwurztraminer grappa from Walcher is made from just three ingredients - water, sugar, and Geruwurztraminer pomace. This grappa is an aromatic expression, with a floral nose and a lengthy finish.

  • Brand: Walcher
  • Region:Trentino-Alto Adige
  • Sub-Region:Bolzano
  • Varietal:Gerwurztraminer pomace that is fermented and distilled in a water bath still to 80% ABV; the resulting spirit is rested in neutral vessel for 6 months before being diluted with water and sugar.
  • Alcohol:40.0%
  • Size:375ml

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