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Homestead Apple 'Callicoon Creeks' - 2021
Homestead Apple 'Callicoon Creeks' - 2021

Homestead Apple 'Callicoon Creeks' - 2021

• One the most important and influential cidermakers in the United States.

• Ciders are made from wild/ foraged apples and showcase unique terroirs and farms.

• Crafted using techniques and practices more common in the 18th and 19th centuries but rare today.

• A notably vinous, dry, and complex style that pairs well with food and improves with time in the bottle.

Aaron Burr began, and has always existed, for one reason: Andy and Polly believe that cider is, in itself, a window into American History. This gets played up a lot in the cider world. Fanciful stories about Johnny Appleseed and Benjamin Franklin are often used and over-used in cider marketing. But these are not the stories that Andy and Polly are interested in telling. The ciders of Aaron Burr Cidery are windows into a world before industrial farming, before the genetic tempering of our fruit supply, before the killing of our orchards, farms, and vineyards with abrasive chemicals. To this end, Aaron and Polly have dedicated themselves to researching the oldest known American texts explaining the original cider-making process in America, and hunting out and cataloging long-lost, wild, uncultivated apple varietals that would have existed in those times. Aaron Burr Cider began as a home farmstead, and is still that today. Anything that can’t be done by hand by Andy and Polly themselves simply isn’t done. And it’s this reason why production is, and always will be, capped at 30 Barrels a year. This is the reason why they will never expand beyond the five acres they currently maintain. Because to grow any more, to increase their production beyond what they can accomplish on their own, would simply be inauthentic.

  • Brand: Aaron Burr
  • Region:New York
  • Sub-Region:Sullivan County
  • Varietal:Apple
  • Color:Cloudy Amber
  • Alcohol:7.4%
  • Size:500ml

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  • Country:United States
  • Climate:Humid continental climate
  • Harvest Technique:Hand harvested
  • Soil:Clay soils
  • Fermentation:maceration for up to a month then pressed to open-top bins where fermentation begins naturally
  • Winemaker Name:Andy & Polly Burr
  • Filtration:No
  • Fining:No
  • Producer Website: