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No Es Pituko' Chardonnay 2022 Product Shot
No Es Pituko' Chardonnay 2022 Product Shot

No Es Pituko' Chardonnay - 2023

The Echeverria family has been involved in Chilean agricultural, grape cultivation, and winemaking since 1740, and their current vineyards and winery were created in 1923 on the outskirts of Molina, a town in the Curicó Valley. On their 80 acres of vineyards, they grow grapes from French pre-philloxera rootstocks. Originally built to make bulk wines, the winery was transformed to create excellent wines for export in 1990. In the years afterwards, Echeverria has been one of Chile's few boutique wineries, as well as the first Chilean family winery to export wine to Harrods in London. The winery's 'nothing added' wines are housed in the No Es Pituko line. All natural fermented, with no additives or sulfites added, and bottled unfiltered and unfined. Due to the lack of processing, this natural wine appears pale yellow and slightly hazy. Strong aromas of banana, apple, and pear mingle with toasted brioche on the nose. It has a creamy refreshing and fruity acidity in the tongue.

  • Brand: No Es Pituko
  • Region:Central Valley
  • Sub-Region:Curicó Valley
  • Commune/Village:Molina
  • Varietal:Chardonnay
  • Color:White
  • Alcohol:13.5%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:Chile
  • Climate:Mediterranean climate with long, dry summers and high sunlight. DTR (Diurnal Temperature Range, or the difference between day and night temperatures), which is important for flavor formation. Winter rainfall averages 600mm, with the majority falling between June and August.
  • Harvest Technique:Hand harvested
  • Soil:loam soils
  • Vineyard Size:80 ha
  • Vine Age (year planted):Ungrafted pre-phylloxera French rootstock clones.
  • Fermentation:Natural yeast fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 25 days, gently pump over to increase aromas and hues, and natural malolactic fermentation.
  • Elevage:Prior to bottling, it was stored in stainless steel tanks with its own less.
  • Winemaker Name:Roberto Echeverria jr.
  • Filtration:No
  • Fining:No
  • Producer Website:
  • Sustainable Practice:Yes