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"village series" Pinot Noir Lodi - 2022
"village series" Pinot Noir Lodi - 2022

"village series" Pinot Noir Lodi - 2022

Folk Tree village series is a nod to the Vin de France style wines that we've all enjoyed for years. Not only for the subtle and approachable characteristics, but mostly for the amazing price points that do not break the bank. Let's stop straining our necks to look for the next serious" region in California or "allocated" wine. This is wine for the people made by the people." - Winery. Raspberry and strawberry aromas abound in this deliciously fruity Pinot Noir. Wines are often aged in untoasted oak barrels. This is a fantastic bargain for a high-quality California Pinot Noir; it's approachable and simple enough to drink on a regular basis.

  • Brand: Folk Tree "Village Series"
  • Region:Lodi
  • Varietal:Pinot Noir
  • Color:Red
  • Alcohol:13.0%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:United States
  • Climate:Mediterranean climate
  • Harvest Technique:Hand and mechanically harvested
  • Soil:Volcanic soils
  • Fermentation:Eight months in French oak with partial malolactic fermentation helped preserve the wine's bright acidity while rounding out the fruit flavors.
  • Sustainable Certificates:Grown in two of California's most promising locations for Pinot Noir—the Santa Barbara Highlands and Arroyo Grande—both of which prioritize sustainability.