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About Val di Toro

Val di Toro is a family-owned and managed winery located in the heart of Maremma in Southern Tuscany. The winery takes pride in producing outstanding organic wines through meticulous winemaking practices, using only the most natural methods and the best fruit available in the region. The founders and owners, Anna Maria Cruciata and Hugh Constable Maxwell, were drawn to Maremma in 2003 by its natural beauty and their desire for a life in close contact with nature. Anna Maria, originally from Sicily, inherited her passion for wine from her father in Alcamo and has been the driving force behind Val di Toro.

The winery has transformed fields that were once used as pasture for Maremman bulls into vineyards, using grape varieties typical to the area. Val di Toro's practices focus on giving back to the soil and managing the vineyard as a balanced, sustainable farming unit, resulting in high-quality, handpicked grapes that are crafted into wines reflecting the strength and beauty of the land. Since 2004, Val di Toro has been practicing organic viticulture and obtained organic certification in 2015. The winery's approach is to embrace biodiversity and natural processes to grow healthy grapes, resulting in expressive, vibrant, and living wines. Val di Toro's 15-hectare vineyard produces approximately 100,000 bottles per year.

The winery offers a stunning range of red, white, and rosé wines for enthusiasts to enjoy, all of which are a testament to the passion and commitment of the owners to create an exceptional wine experience.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Val di Toro
  • Varietals: Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Vermentino, Grechetto
  • Labor Practices: The majority of management at the winery is female, with the exception of Hugh, the husband of Anna Maria. Women make up their enologist, winery manager and administration manager. This is a family participation in every stage of grape production and vinification; however, during harvest, when Anna Maria and Hugh's three children, all of whom are in their 20s, make themselves available to assist in any way they can, they are primarily together as a family.
  • Organic Practice Certificates: Bioagricert Certified
  • Sustainable Practices: Podere Val di Toro uses electric vehicles, produces its own electricity through solar panels, and practices traditional organic farming. Green manure and broad beans, which are sown among the vine lines and mulched into the soil at the end of spring, are the only forms of fertilizer used. Copper and sulfur are the only substances utilized in disease treatments, but only in the quantities permitted by organic chemistry.
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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Tuscany
  • Sub Region: Grosseto

Organic Practices

Sustainably Farmed

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