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About Alpamanta

Alpamanta is a biodynamic winery located in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Founded in 2005 by three partners, including CEO Andréj Razumovsky from Austria, the winery is known for its commitment to biodynamic and natural wine production. Alpamanta's wines, such as the unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah Rosé, reflect their dedication to organic and biodynamic practices.

The winery is part of a group of producers in Argentina that promote natural, organic, and biodynamic wines. Alpamanta's offerings include a variety of wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Malbec, which are made with a clear commitment to nature and sustainability with a focus on minimal intervention and indigenous yeasts. Alpamanta is dedicated to producing wines that are a true reflection of the land on which they are born. The winery's emphasis on ecological cultivation and respect for the environment sets it apart in the world of wine production.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Alpamanta
  • Varietals: Criolla Grande
  • Labor Practices: Everyone at the winery comes together to work as a team during harvest and winemaking. Agronomist Ricardo Garcia lays out a detailed technical map of each part of the farm to reflect all soil, yield and rootstock characteristics of the individual grape varieties. With this study and by closely monitoring the ripening process they are able to create different selected harvest components, such as the 12 different wines thorough 5 harvest days over a two weeks period to reflect 6 different soil characteristics (clay, lime, sand, calcarious) with diverse yield outcome for their Sauvignon Blanc. In total for the 2022 harvest they made wines from 67 different components from February 9th to April 15th. All their wines completed the entire spontaneous fermentation period during this time and resulted in an outstanding vintage.
  • Organic Practice Certificates: National Organic Program Certified
  • Sustainable Practices: separate trash, solar energy, recycle water use in farm, bio lagoon, LEED practices in new winery, carbon footprint measurements
  • Sustainable Certificates: Ecocert Certified
  • Vegan Process Certificates: IRAM certified
  • Biodynamic Certificates: Demeter Biodynamic Certified
  • Image
  • Country: Argentina
  • Region: Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza
  • Sub Region: Ugarteche

Organic Practices

Sustainably Farmed

Vegan Process