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Blended Irish Whiskey
Blended Irish Whiskey

Blended Irish Whiskey

To create Samuel Gelston's Blended Irish Whiskey, a combination of Irish malted barley and grain is used, and then it is triple distilled for smoothness before being aged in the highest-grade ex-bourbon oak casks. Whiskey aged in casks for three times as long as usual, made with only the finest ingredients, and distilled three times, yields a spirit that is both refined and expressive, with a full range of tastes that may be enjoyed plain, over ice, or in a long, refreshing cocktail. A Warm Golden Topaz color. Gentle on the nose, with notes of dry spice, fruit, and crunchy candies. Slightly peppery, honeyed mouth coating with hints of grain and nut. A satisfyingly extended and refined coda.

  • Brand: Gelston's
  • Region:Belfast
  • Alcohol:40.0%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:Ireland