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"Dagger" Botanical Cherry Mead - 2022
"Dagger" Botanical Cherry Mead - 2022

"Dagger" Botanical Cherry Mead - 2022

This tart, unfiltered botanical mead begins with fir needles hand-harvested from organically grown trees, making opening a bottle as fragrant as a winter walk in the woods. Locally-grown black cherries give Dagger its subtle juiciness and rich ruby color, while foraged hemlock enriches its verdant, woody base notes. Yarrow and chamomile round out the experience with a herbal warmth that makes Dagger perfect for sipping all winter long. Fermented and aged in-barrel for another year before bottling, this mead is truly worth the wait! Each frosted glass bottle is silk screened by hand in a limited edition of 1,000. Dagger sells out quickly, so don’t sleep on this early Spring treat!

  • Brand: Enlightenment
  • Region:New York
  • Sub-Region:Hudson Valley
  • Varietal:Mead
  • Color:Red
  • Alcohol:15.0%
  • Size:375ml

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  • Country:United States
  • Climate:Cold and temperate
  • Harvest Technique:Hand harvested
  • Fermentation: Our honey is diluted with water and combined with various botanicals, fruit, or fruit juices that are available locally and seasonally, and then fermented in wood barrels until there are no sugars from the honey remaining. In some cases, we begin the ferment in stainless steel or glass. We primarily use wild yeast that already exists on the fruits and in our honey. The yeast multiplies, consuming the sugars and converting them to alcohol. The water and alcohol extract the right flavors from the herbs and skins of the fruit until the meadmaker decides to remove them. It is a low-tech process that allows us to produce meads of the highest quality in cooperation with the natural world.
  • Winemaker Name:Raphael Lyon
  • Producer Website:
  • Total Production:1,000 bottles