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Navy Strength Gin & Tonic - NV
Navy Strength Gin & Tonic - NV

Navy Strength Gin & Tonic - NV

The Gin & Tonic was the first cocktail that inspired the creatin of Social Hour. It all began when Tom was making a Gin and Tonic at home, and he wondered why there was not a premixed option available in a can. The Social Hour version is anchored with a full strength ratio of Navy Strength Gin and bespoke tonic water, for a seamless harmony between sweetness, acidity, and bitterness. Brimming with fresh botanicals and vibrant bubbles, it is the perfect rendition of this iconic classic.

  • Brand: Social Hour
  • Region:New York
  • Varietal:Navy Strength Gin & Tonic Water
  • Alcohol:11.5%
  • Size:250ml

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  • Country:United States
  • Distillation:Made with Navy Strength Perry's Tot Gin distilled NY Distilling Company.