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Rioja Blanco 2021 Bottle Front
Rioja Blanco 2021 Bottle Front
Rioja Blanco 2021 Bottle Back
Rioja Blanco 2021 Bottle Back
Rioja Blanco 2021 Bottle Front
Rioja Blanco 2021 Bottle Back

Rioja Blanco - 2023

The bodega's name, Santalba, combines the owner's given name, Santiago Ijalba, with his last name, lba. Santiago Ijalba opted to start his own venture, Bodegas Santalba, because of the winery's extensive experience in the production and improvement of fine Rioja wines dating back to 1964. Since then, the Bodega has kept its cozy, family-run vibe with the help of Roberto and Laura Ijalba Pérez, the third and fourth generations of the family to run the business. They've managed to blend the family's winemaking heritage with their own extensive education in viniculture from throughout the world. These vintages are an offering to our ancestors and to San Felices, the patron saint of Haro. The Hermitage, located on the Bilibio cliffs, hosts an annual wine battle on June 29. Bright and vibrant pale yellow color. Light-skinned and somewhat built, with thick lower body and legs. Subtle development and complexity in the aroma. After some time breathing, aromas of luscious peaches and apricots, honey, and a trace of white flower emerge. As for the flavor, it has a velvety feel in the mouth and a long, satisfying aftertaste thanks to its great acidity, structure, and flavor. Time in the bottle will mellow and enhance all these characteristics.

  • Brand: Ermita
  • Region:Rioja
  • Sub-Region:Rioja Alta
  • Commune/Village:Gilimeo
  • Varietal:Viura
  • Color:White
  • Alcohol:12.5%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:Spain
  • Climate:Mediterranean with a stron influenced from Atlantic weather, softened by the proximity to the river
  • Soil:clay soils
  • Fermentation:Indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, temperature controlled
  • Winemaker Name:Santiago y Roberto Ijalba
  • Producer Website: