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Tepemete Mezcal Artesanal NV - 750ml
Tepemete Mezcal Artesanal NV - 750ml

Tepemete Mezcal Artesanal NV - 750ml

The Gutierrez family has been making Mezcal since 2009, using Cenizo which is indigenous to the state of Durango. The core Mezcals are distilled by Fabiola Avila at the Hacienda Dolores, a historic colonial estate that was built in the 1600s that has been painstakingly restored over the last 30 years. Because Durango has large diversity of agave varietals, second only to Oaxaca, Lagrimas has partnered with a number of vinatas. These are small run distilleries that harvest wild and semi-cultivated agaves in remote areas and distill them. strong notes of moss, celery and peppermint, as it lingers it has mint candy notes and a long smoke finish

  • Brand: Lagrimas de Dolores
  • Region:Durango
  • Sub-Region:Mezquital
  • Varietal:100% Tepemete (Agave angustifolia) cooked in an underground oven with mesquite and river stones
  • Alcohol:47.0%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Still Type:Alambique Viejo, with a copper base, a wooden hood, and a copper serpentine
  • Distillation:Double
  • Distiller Name:Maximinio Flores