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Marche, Italy


The story of Sartarelli begins at the heart. Ferruccio Sartarelli started out as a skilled and well-liked baker and went on to become an entrepreneur. He also donated to and supported various organizations and was always willing to assist those in need. In 1972, Ferruccio made the decision to invest in his greatest passion, which would later become one of his greatest challenges, the production of high-quality Verdicchio wine. Because of his resourcefulness and pioneering spirit Ferruccio was definitely a man who was ahead of his time and had an open mind.

The winery was initially more of a pastime, but in 1976, his son-in-law Patrizio began to assist him in the business of the winery and shared his dream with his father-in-law. In 1990, when Ferruccio passed away, his daughter and son-in-law, Donatella and Patrizio made the decision to give up everything else and work full-time at the winery. As time went on, this became their primary business. Since Donatella and Patrizio were still very young and Verdicchio was definitely undervalued as a vine variety, it was a challenge at first.

Still, Patrizio was especially persuaded that the only right thing to do would have been to follow in the footsteps of his father-in-law. Consequently, he did so with Donatella. With their children Tommaso and Caterina, this is the third generation at Sartarelli. However, their grandfather's philosophy and enthusiasm, followed by their parents', is still the same. Similar to what their parents have done for a long time, they will continue their grandfather's path. Tommaso, Patrizio, and a consulting oenologist believe that it is essential to remain aware of the world around them. Verdicchio, a fine indigenous grape variety, is used exclusively in their wines, which enhances their characteristics. By intensifying its typical characteristics, this grape variety increases the value of the finished product.

But that's not all. To make their wines even more unique, they have chosen special Verdicchio clones from their old vineyards. This allows them to make a wine that is even more refined and can still express extraordinary aromatic nuances while still maintaining the flavor of the traditional varietal.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Sartarelli
  • Varietals: Verdicchio
  • Labor Practices: Sartarelli are extremely grateful to their entire team. Without a skilled team, made up of very good coworkers, none of what Sartarelli have accomplished would have been possible. They place a high value on the commitment and unwavering dedication of their coworkers during the various working phases in the winery and vineyards, from pruning to harvest and final detail care.
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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Marche
  • Sub Region: Ancona

Sustainably Farmed

Vegan Process

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