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Alander Nordic Style Spiced Rum NV - 750ml
Alander Nordic Style Spiced Rum NV - 750ml

Alander Nordic Style Spiced Rum NV - 750ml

Ålander is named for the rum-producing Åland islands near Finland in the northern Baltic. There, summers are warm enough to enjoy the beach and winters offer “long-distance ice skating”. A topographical map of Oak Island at Lake of the Woods graces each bottle. Inspired by the distiller’s favorite rums produced in Guyana and Trinidad, demerara sugar is sourced from Florida and turbinado sugar from extended family in Louisiana who are part of the Lula Westfield Sugar Cooperative.

  • Brand: Far North
  • Region:Minnesota
  • Sub-Region:Hallock
  • Varietal:Louisiana turbinado & Florida demerara sugar; Ugandan vanilla beans (sourced from a farmer co-op), nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cloves and organic espresso (from Alakef Coffee in Duluth). All botanicals are organic and fair trade whenever possible.
  • Alcohol:43.0%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:United States
  • Fermentation:Open top fermented for 9-10 days with house selected yeast.
  • Still Type:Hybrid Pot Still
  • Still Size:500G
  • Distillation:Double distilled to 175 Proof
  • Distiller Name:Michael Swanson
  • Scores:Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points, Top 100 Spirits (2017)
  • Producer Website:
  • Sustainable Practice:Yes