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Orgia Pinot Gris 2017 Product Shot
Orgia Pinot Gris 2017 Product Shot

Orgia Pinot Gris - 2018

The vintage of 2017 was as exciting as riding a bronco on a rollercoaster in a hurricane. The drought was almost broken by a record 28 inches of rain that fell by the end of February, followed by another 1 to 3 inches in April. Then a blistering, week-long heat wave towards the end of August and into September accelerated ripening. Low yields combined with organic, regenerative farming methods allowed the fruit to achieve full physiological ripeness, while a night harvest helped maintain natural acidity. Just the right amount of skin contact during fermentation lends the wine a beautiful copper hue and “grip” on the palate from tannin that weaves a hint of salinity behind the savory notes of dried herbs and aromatic fruits. Flavors of quince, blood orange zest, apricot and loquat are subtle and delicious.

  • Brand: Robert Sinskey
  • Region:California
  • Sub-Region:Sonoma County
  • Varietal:Pinot Gris
  • Color:White
  • Alcohol:13.6%
  • Size:750ml

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  • Country:United States
  • Climate:Mediterranean climate
  • Harvest Technique:Hand harvested
  • Soil:Clay loam soils
  • Winemaker Name:Robert Sinskey