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About Domaine Dirler-Cadé

Domaine Dirler-Cade symbolizes the union of two historical Alsatian winegrowing families under one house. Jean Dirler is a 5th generation winemaker whose family had been making wine in the tiny village of Bergholtz, tucked into the lower hills of the Vosge Mountains, since 1871. Ludvine Cade’s family owned vineyards in nearby Guebwiller, known as Domaine Hell-Cade. The marriage of Ludvine and Jean in 2000 produced Domaine Dirler-Cade, one of the finest domaine’s in Alsace, with almost half of their 18 hectares of vines in Grand Crus, as well as plots in five lieux-dites.

Even before natural winemaking was en vogue, Jean’s family had been practicing for more than a century using the motto “natural wines, fine wines.” Jean and his father converted their vineyards to biodynamic viticulture in 1998. Today, the entire production is certified Agriculture Biologique and BIODYVIN. The soil in the vineyards is plowed four to five times a year by horse, the team remove flowers versus green harvesting, and old canes are not pruned off until March. Other organic practices such as natural crop covers, herbal teas, and only sulfur and homeopathic doses of horsetail instead of fertilizers, cultivate a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem. It doesn’t stop there—at harvest time, a small, close group of vineyard workers share food and wine during the season, as it is important to harvest the fruit by hand in a joyful and good mood, with a positive energy.

In the winery, Dirler-Cade uses slow, whole-cluster presses, spontaneous fermentations, and prolonged maturation on the lees. The resulting wines are expressive and complex, with a versatility that makes them just as fitting at a three-star Michelin restaurant as they are at a natural wine fair.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Domaine Dirler-Cadé
  • Varietals: Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois, Muscat d'Alsace, Muscat Ottonel, Sylvaner, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer
  • Labor Practices: A team of 5 to 11 people help us all year long to take care of the vineyard and the work in the cellar. The grapes are picked only by hand and we have a team of 20 people at harvest time. In order to preserve a good atmosphere and cohesion of the group, we share the meal and the wines with our pickers. The people we employ often have a very close relationship with nature and the plant. It is important to harvest the fruit of our work of the year in a joyful and good mood, with a positive energy.
  • Organic Practice Certificates: Ecocert Certified
  • Sustainable Practices: We work in the respect of the living: human, animal and vegetable and preserve the biodiversity! We also respect the individuality of each person who provides his or her work force. We privilege the work done by hand by the women or men of our team (pruning, descent of the wood, ploughing, tying, disbudding, raising of the wires of palissage, manual palissage, tying of the young vines, pulverizations of the herbal teas and the biodynamic preparations, grape harvests only carried out by hand). In the vineyards, we use a service provider for the ploughing done with the help of a horse. We use renewable energies in our domain, so we invested in 2022 in a heating system with pellets and wood logs.
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  • Country: France
  • Region: Alsace
  • Sub Region: Haut-Rhin

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