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At a Glance

  • Unique Philosophy: Cascina Ebreo embodies an indomitable spirit with an anarchic, free interpretation of winemaking, rejecting conventional techniques in favor of a more expressive approach.
  • Pete's Journey: Peter Weimer, originally a Swiss computer scientist, transitioned to winemaking after falling in love with the Langhe region, establishing himself in Novello, near Barolo.
  • Historical Vineyard: In 1992, Pete purchased three hectares of neglected vineyards and an old farmhouse named Cascina Ebreo, restoring them to begin his winemaking journey.
  • "Punk" Wines: Pete's wines, referred to as "Punk," emphasize the terroir of Novello, allowing the calcareous and sandy soil to speak through the wine without traditional constraints.
  • Continued Legacy: After 20 years, Pete handed over the reins to Réva winery, where Oenologist Gabriele Adriano, with Pete's guidance, continues to uphold Cascina Ebreo's unique philosophy.

About Cascina Ebreo

Cascina Ebreo is more than a winery; it's an embodiment of an indomitable spirit and an anarchic, free interpretation of production philosophy. Peter Weimer, a Swiss computer scientist turned winemaker, known as Pete or /pit/ phonetically, sought a significant change in his life. With a passion for wine, Pete frequently visited the Langhe region as an enthusiast before falling in love with it and relocating to become a winemaker in Novello, near Barolo. In 1992, Pete purchased three hectares of vineyards in need of restoration and an old farmhouse called Cascina Ebreo, dating back to 1800. After restoring the property, he began wine production with the help of winemaker friends. However, traditional cellar techniques did not yield wines that reflected his personality or winemaking philosophy. For Pete, wine is a living, expressive material, not merely an exercise in style.

In 1997, Pete decided that the terroir of Novello should be the wine's primary voice, allowing the calcareous and sandy soil to express itself without the constraints of tradition, fashion, or regulations. Pete refers to his wines as "Punk" — wines that embrace their own imperfections and express the vineyard and territory. His 'recipe' for wine involves careful vineyard maintenance, healthy grapes, no systemic treatments, spontaneous fermentations, and time. Over the years, the wines of Cascina Ebreo have become iconic, coveted by a few enthusiasts. In 2012, after 20 years, Pete passed the baton to Réva, a winery in Monforte d'Alba. Today, Oenologist Gabriele Adriano, with Pete's help and supervision, continues to interpret and uphold the philosophy of Cascina Ebreo.

Additional Details:

  • Producer: Cascina Ebreo
  • Varietals: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sauvignon Blanc, Dolcetto, Malvasia Piemontese
  • Sustainable Practices: being sustainable and decreasing the environment impact , nonetheless we are 100% organic certified.​ Between the rows we cultivate cereal and legumes in a way to use the green manure that help the composition of the soil with nutrients and oxigen , avoiding compactation of the latter.​ Control of pruning is another focal point, everything is trellised by simple Guyot and with few buds, avoiding stress to the plant.​ ​ The regular use of natural essences and oils for pest controls in another point of strength.​
  • Biodynamic Certificates: No
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  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Piedmont
  • Sub Region: Cuneo

Organic Practices

Sustainably Farmed

Vegan Process